July 26, 2009

Moving Day! New Blog Site.

I’d like to formally welcome myself to Google Blogger/Blogspot. I chose this forum to replace my old blog location on the advice of my daughter, who, by virtue of being younger than me, is far cooler, and more knowledgeable of all things Internet. My old blog was buried under ads so thick it was hard to find the actual posts on the page. I copied The Best Of and posted them here under the archives, noticing as I did so that the majority of my faves are about my son, the dog,
and the cat, in that order.

Hm. Doesn’t quite reflect the hip, happenin’ attitude I’m going for, but hey. Who doesn’t have kids and pets—or want them? They really are an endless source of amusement. And husbands. Husbands are fuh-uhn-ny. I’ve never written a blog about mine, not yet. He’s such a sitting duck, it’s almost a crime to poke fun at him. I had a vague idea in the grocery store today that I’d start one by commenting on his habit of periodically growing tired of the same old lunches I pack for him. Even though he always tells me afterward that he didn’t like whatever new and exciting thing I made, he’ll ask me to shake it up once in awhile and surprise him with something other than his usual turkey and provolone sandwich with the tomatoes on the side so they don’t make the bread soggy. So today I went to the deli and read the ingredients on a package of Bavarian head cheese. On the front, in prominent lettering, it says “Chopped onions, select herbs, and imported spices.” Hum, yeah, but in the tiny lettering under ingredients, it says “Pork snout and pork tongue.” Pork snout? Like…nostrils? I started laughing like a loon right there in the aisle, picturing his face after the first bite. He’d peel back the bread and examine the strange composite of mystery meat chunks held together with something resembling that meat jelly you get on cold, leftover roast beef. Yeah, the same ol’ turkey sammie sounds pretty good about now, doesn’t it, honey?

But I digress most heinously.

As a writer of young adult urban fantasy (my agent, Marlene Stringer, is guiding me through revisions for my latest manuscript, The Gossamer Sphere), and humorous contemporary women’s fiction (formerly known as Chick Lit), I should probably bestir myself to blog about subjects more fascinating than those I encounter daily in my current domestic situation. I’m a stay-at-home writer now—after we moved from the fast tempo of a large metropolitan city (San Diego) to a smallish town in southeastern Washington state, so the level of excitement has been dialed waaaay down. A particularly hairy spider or a sprinkler that gets stuck watering the same spot on the lawn can cause my blood pressure to sky-rocket nowadays.

So, I’m glad to be here. Next post will be on the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference next week. Now, that’ll be exciting.

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